Circle T

“Over all, my experience at Austin PT has been great. i ave been going there for about a year and a half to two years and I have seen great progression since I started both when working out and on the golf course. Since I stated I have gained about 30 yards on my drive. When working out, I’m now using more weight. This is partially because I am getting stronger and also because when I started, I was using little to no weight because Kasi (my trainer) cares a lot about having good form and doing things the right way so that later, when i use weight, I will not get hurt. Also, I have gained a lot on my vertical jump. When I first started it was 13 inches and npw , after all of my training, it is at 20.5 inches. So as you can tell, the progression has shown thanks to Kasi and I would highly recommend Austin PT.”

-Circle T