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Long Term Athlete Development

At Austin Golf & Performance, we look at training our juniors individually which is a key difference in how we approach our coaching.

For example, junior boys “windows” for speed are ages 7-9 and 13-16. This age, however, refers to their developmental age, not their chronological age. That means your athlete may actually be ready for a specific area of training before or after some of their friends who are the “same age”.  We meticulously track growth spurts and then adjust the specifics of training accordingly.


There are distinct differences in the way an adult golfer should train compared to his 13 year old son or daughter. Juniors are NOT just smaller versions of adult golfers.

Through our experience, it’s these differences that can make or break the booming career of a junior golfer. Our TPI performance specialists understand that through extensive studies, it has been determined that there are optimal “windows of opportunity” in regards to training specific areas of a junior athlete. 

These areas are Stamina, Strength, Speed, Skill, and Mobility. If a junior athlete misses these windows, their overall potential in each area is can be compromised. Unfortunately there is a “ceiling” on how much they can improve.


Our OnBaseU™ professionals assess your players movement capabilities. The mission of our OnBase U coaches is to apply the understanding of the Body-Baseball Connection™ or the Body-Softball Connection™ program. This program was developed by OnBaseU’s Advisory Board of industry leading experts.

Through our specialized training, our coaches understand the Body Tennis Connection and how that relates to what you are physically able to do.

Why guess when you can assess?

Our thorough screen identifies your unique physical traits that help us determine what can be affecting your ground strokes or how you hit your serve.

If you are looking to take your young athletes game to the next level, contact us for a free phone consultation to hear how we can help you!

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